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Posted on July 29, 2015 in Career Grants

Medical Grants Help You Pay for Medical School

Getting into medical school is only half the battle. Paying for your schooling is a challenge all on its own. Since it can take you several years to achieve your dreams of becoming a doctor or medical specialist, you shouldn’t have to worry about finances getting in the way of your educational goals. Luckily there are programs available that can assist you in paying for your advanced education. Learn what grants are and how they can benefit you.

What Medical Grants Are

Medical grants are funds that are available to help medical students pay for their education. You don’t have to be a certain age, gender, or race to get a medical grant, although you can apply for one under these specifics if you choose. Medical grants are largely supplied to students who can prove they cannot pay for college on their own and are actively maintaining a passable GPA. If you want to apply for financial assistance to help you get through medical school, you may want to start with a Pell grant. A Pell grant can be applied for online or via your school’s financial aid office. You do not have to pay a Pell grant back.

Available Medical Grants

You can apply for medical grants to help you with research, tuition, books, supplies, and more. Medical grants may come with guidelines, such as a GPA standing or American status that you must meet in order to apply. The following are just a few of the medical grants you may be eligible for.

You can get up to $300,000 for 3 years of research for AIDS or other medical research projects through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). There are strict deadlines, so act quickly if you need financial assistance for research for your schooling.

If you are minority or have low-income status, the American Medical Association (AMA) has grants available that you can apply for. Many of the grants available are for research or internship use.

The Ford Foundation offers grants and fellowships to medical students who are actively pursuing their PhD in medicine. If you are at a university and getting ready to graduate, this can be a financial opportunity for you.

If you need money for medical school, regardless of your race, gender, or income status, the Leopold Schepp Foundation can assist you with up to $8,500. You must be under 30 in order to apply as an undergraduate. Other strict guidelines must be met for this grant as well.

Applying for Medical Grants

You will need to provide proof of income, information about your school, how many credits you are taking, and what your major is when you apply for medical grants. You must meet all application deadlines, so you are encouraged to visit your school’s financial aid office to make sure you get everything done on time once you register for school. You can apply online or with the help of your financial aid advisor.

With medical grants, you can have the funds you need to help you pay for your education so you can focus more on your studies and less on your finances. Whether you need money for tuition or research, there is likely a medical grant available to help you succeed through school.

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