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Posted on July 23, 2015 in Career Grants

Paying for college is a difficult task, and one that you likely can’t accomplish all on your own. As you undergo pursuing your journalism degree, grants may be available to assist you with the financial needs you will have. You can use your grants to help you pay for tuition, books, and more. Discover just what a journalism grant is and how you can acquire one to help you finish your education.

What Journalism Grants Are

Journalism grants are specifically geared toward helping journalism students who are in financial need. You do not need to pay these grants back. A common grant that any student can apply for is a Pell grant. Your financial aid advisor can help you fill out the information for a Pell grant as you explore journalism grants you may be eligible for. Since a degree in journalism can enable you to work in a variety of fields, including photojournalism, television, newspapers, and even a freelance career, it’s important that you explore getting a grant specific to your educational needs.

Available Journalism Grants

You can get a journalism grant based on your income, area of study, and other factors. There are many types of journalism grants available beyond the suggestions made here.

If you are active with your school’s media outlet, you can apply for a grant through Campus Progress. Campus Journalism Grants are available to any current college students in the US who regularly contribute to their school’s newspaper or social media outlets and have a financial need.

If you are an Asian minority in journalism, you can apply for a grant via the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA). They offer scholarships for journalism students as well.

The Knight Foundation offers grants and/or funding to students and writers who have an active cause they need financial support for. If you are involved in political or science journalism, there may be a grant available to you via this foundation.

If you need financial assistance and major in mental health journalism, consider a grant from the Carter Center. You must have 3 or more years of journalism education and 3 reputable recommendations in order to apply.

Applying for Journalism Grants

In order to apply for journalism grants, you will need to supply information about your school and major, the number of credits you are taking, your minority status (if applicable), and your tax return to verify income. All grants have a deadline, so you want to make sure you apply for any you are interested in as soon as you register for classes. If you need help filling out forms, you can ask your financial aid advisor for assistance.

No matter what type of journalism you want to get into, odds are there is a grant that can help you pay for your education. You don’t need to pay a grant back, and the forms are relatively easy to fill out. If you have questions about the types of grants that are available to you, talk to your financial aid advisor. They can help guide you to many types of journalism grants you can apply for.

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