College Scholarships by Degree or Major

Posted on September 17, 2016 in Scholarships

College Scholarships by Degree or Major

Are you certain about what you plan to study in college and the field in which you will work in the future? If so, then you should look into a degree-specific scholarship that could help pay for tuition and fees.

Degree-specific scholarships are those that are awarded to students who will be, or are already, studying a specific subject in college. These financial awards are available to high school students who will be attending college soon, and current undergraduate and graduate students. The awards are intended to help students as they pursue a career path in a particular industry.

Scholarship opportunities by major are often specialized even more, as groups and associations create offerings for minority students within each topic, or create scholarships based on ultra-specific subject matter.

An example of specialized scholarships would be those given out by the National Society of Black Engineers, whose scholarships are available only to minority students who are studying engineering. There are many other scholarships available that are similarly tailored to a very specific type of student with a particular background.

We've compiled some of the most common college majors below, and some degree-specific scholarships that are available for each, along with their most recent award amounts (which are always subject to change).

Accounting Scholarships

Companies of all types and sizes rely on the help of accountants at one time or another, so there is always a demand for people with an accounting degree. The prospects of job security and high salaries often attract students who are good with numbers to a career path in accounting.

Many companies and organizations offer scholarships for accounting students. Some of the most popular are:

Business Administration & Management Scholarships

Earning a business degree is still as popular as ever. The large amount of students choosing to major in business and management results in many colleges, companies, and associations offering scholarships to them. Here are some popular ones:

Communications Scholarships

Choosing to major in communications used to mean that you wanted to work in television, radio, or print media. Today, the list of career possibilities for a communications major expands to internet and social media, as well as marketing and public relations.

Here are a few scholarships for communications majors that you've probably never heard of:

The following colleges and universities also offer scholarships for communications majors:

For a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities for students pursuing a degree in communications, check out

Engineering Scholarships

Engineering is an industry with many specialties, which, in turn, results in college majors that have various specializations. The result of all of these specializations is a large number of very specific college scholarships for engineers.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech, for example, has 24 scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students who are enrolled in the chemical engineering program and have taken at least one chemical engineering course. This does not include the separate scholarships for Virginia Tech students who are enrolled in civil and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, or any of the other ten engineering specialties!

Some popular engineering scholarships that are funded by the private sector are:

Nursing Scholarships

Nurses are in high demand, but the cost of a nursing degree (especially an advanced or specialized one) is expensive. This is where nursing scholarships play an important role in the country's healthcare system. If you're planning to major in nursing, here are some scholarships that you should look into:

Psychology Scholarships

Earning a degree in psychology opens up career paths in many different industries. Because psychology majors can work in so many different types of jobs, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities to help these students pay for college. Here are just a few:

But Wait, There's More...

This list is just a sample of the scholarship opportunities available to college students in the most popular college majors. It does not include hundreds of other majors and specialties for which there may be a degree-specific scholarship available.

We also couldn't list scholarships by major from each individual college or university. Alumni and philanthropists often donate funds to colleges to create scholarships that are based on a student's field of study. Check your college's website, or with its financial aid department, to find out about additional scholarship opportunities.

It can be extremely worthwhile to conduct a thorough search of scholarship opportunities that are available for your specific field of interest. This is particularly true when your chosen subject or major leads to a job in which there is a shortage, such as nursing, other medical fields, and engineering. However, it really holds true for just about any conceivable area of study. Search online, ask around, keep your eyes open, and you just might score a scholarship potentially worth thousands.


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