Every year, several billions of dollars in federal grant money is award in the United States and countries abroad. While many grants are specific to minority, ethnic groups or specific career tracks, there are also thousands of grants that can be claimed by average americans. These grants can be used for anything from housing bills, tuition, college textbooks, medical bills and more. This site helps to showcase some of the best government grants that available and how to go about applying for them.

2020 Government Grants - How to Claim

In the US, there are federal and state grants available to every citizen over the age of 18. The grant amounts range from a few hundred dollars to more than $100,000.00 for specialty grants that are specific to people in extraordinary circumstances or students that are in the upper eschelon of their class. The most important thing to note about grants is that unlike a loan, they never need to be paid paid. Additionally, there is no interest on government grants and you will not be taxed on any grant money you receive. There are thousands of grant applications available for you that you can begin applying to today. The applications also range from simply submitting your personal information, to taking detailed questionnaires and essays.

As mentioned above, many grants can be used for personal reasons. Often people associate grants with college or tuition, however this is not the case. Average americans can receive grants to help cover medical bills, housing repairs, travel aid and personal expenses.

Our site specifically talks about the most popular types of grants including:

  • Government Grants for College - The United States of Education awards about $150 billion every year to help millions of students attending college who otherwise could not go because of financial needs. This money is paid out in several ways, including grants, work-study funds and low-interest loans.
  • Grants for Women and Minorities - These state-funded grants try to promote increased diversity and increased access to opportunities for groups which traditionally may not have had as much opportunity as others.
  • Business Grants - Business grants, like all other grants, are a sum of money offered by an organization for a specific purpose, but these funds don't have to be paid back. The requirements to qualify for a business grant varies, but in general, the business must contribute to society in some way, and for smaller community grants, it must impact the community specifically.
Types of Grants Available

Applying for the Right Grant is Easy!

Finding and applying for a grant is easier than you might think. At MyGrants.co we strive to make it as straightforward as possible to find the right type of grant for each individual visitor and help them through the entire application process. Using tools and programs we've developed, knowledge of the industry, and various sites to help give you the best info, finding a grant in 2020 is completely hassle free. Use our site to:

  • Find the best government, federal and state grants available
  • Learn how to read a grant application and take the steps necessary to apply correctly
  • Research local grants that are only available to people in your city and state
  • Tools and techniques on how to write a successful grant proposal
  • Find grants tailored toward specific minority groups and career and educational paths.